Breezaway (2013)

Drunken Tracy on a reckless drive with a scared Pinhead.

What Is it About?


An inhibriated girl, driving under the influence, meets the law and is saved by Breezaway.


Drunken Tracy claims that while she can't walk, she can drive. Pinhead, her companion, has offered to take the wheel to no avail and joins her in trepidation on a fast and reckless drive. A police car follows at first, then goes the other way. However, they encounter the police again and have to stop. Quickly, Pinhead passes Tracy the Breezaway inhaler, and she takes a puff. Tracy's now dazzling smile and sweet breath completely mellows the angry police officer. Breezaway has saved the day!


An animated commercial for the imaginary product Breezaway, which does wonders after a night of serious drinking. This is just a fun clip that served as my entry for the 2013 Pinhead Ad Man competition.


Additional Information