The Lost Client (2014)

Poster for The Lost Client

What Is it About?


A private eye has to solve his toughest case yet when his client is kidnapped.


Private Eye Walter Pinhead is faced with quite a challenge when his client Alura Simmons is kidnapped! Who is behind it and why? Join Pinhead and his resourceful hacker friend Franciska on their quest to solve this puzzle, and, eventually, free Alura.

Synopsis (Spoiler)

Walter Pinhead is drawn to the vestibule of his home by a beeping noise. A sudding explosion ejects Pinhead through the open front door and sets the house ablaze. A cell phone left in the mail box rings. Pinhead, still shaken, picks up and hears a sinister voice informing him that his client, Alura Simmons has been kidnapped and to expect a call in one hour. Not willing to be questioned by the approaching rescue services, Pinhead disappears via the subterranean room of his garden shed. He turns to his trusted hacker friend Franciska to pick him up and help him out. Via an exciting ride through the sewer system in her Jeep they arrive near the office building where Pinhead and Franciska both have a place. Unfortunately, a policeman is studying the manhole that they use to get to the surface, so they ask Gregory, an elderly man, to create a diversion. This works out, and they get to Franciska's place without further problems. Thanks to Franciska's hacking skills, they are able to unravel who is behind the kidnapping and where Alura is held captive, which turns out to be just around the corner. Carl, another friend, creates a diversion by stealing the kidnapper's car. Franciska alerts the man, in order to lure him into abandoning his post and chasing his vanishing car. Alura is freed and then informed that it his her husband Robert's doing; the husband that Pinhead was asked to investigate. The movie ends with a newscast in which the resignation of Robert Simmons is announced.


This animation is my entry for Kidnapped, the 2014 edition of a series of competitions that feature the Pinhead character. More information at Pinhead HQ. The movie ended in second place. In addition, it earned a Golden Pinhead Award (GPA) for Best Film. The film's poster, shown above, received a GPA for Best Poster.


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