Pinhead's Dilemma (2011)


What Is it About?


A time machine transports a man to a time before his birth. His life being miserable, he ponders whether it wouldn't be better not to be born at all.


Walter Pinhead is not a happy man. Over the years he has had to put up with embarrassing and painful situations, inflicted upon him by the almighty Committee. It depresses him and more than once he wished he were never born. After a time machine projects him back to 1959, he is fully in control of his life for the very first time: he has an opportunity to determine whether he will be born or not. This is his dilemma: is it better to have a miserable life or no life at all?

Synopsis (Spoiler)

Transported by a time machine, Walter Pinhead ends up in his hometown in England in the late 50s, at a time when he has not been born yet. His first encounter is with his parents, who don't recognize him: all he gets is a disparaging remark from his mother. This enforces his feeling that life has been unjust to him, and he ponders whether he should prevent his own birth or let fate run its course.

In a coffee shop he meets Cynthia, a young woman in whom he confides. She tells him that you can't prevent your own birth, even if you wanted to. He meets her again after he has visited his old neighborhood and discovered that if his father gets a raise, Pinhead's parents will have another child.

Cynthia helps Pinhead intercept the letter to his father, which, indeed, announces a promotion. Pinhead now faces a dilemma: destroy the letter and prevent his birth or deliver the mail. Cynthia tells Pinhead that you can't escape fate and convinces him to 'seal his fate', as he puts it. Together, they deliver the letter. His parents are very excited, to Pinhead's embarrassment.

Nine months later Pinhead is born, to the delight of his father. The story then leaves the past and returns to the present, when Pinhead pays his respects to an older, but still good-looking Cynthia and thanks her for believing in him.


This animation served as my entry for the 2011 Pinhead Lost in Time contest. It received a Golden Pinhead Award for Best Story in the 3D category. More information at Pinhead HQ.


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