Shootoot (2013)

John arrives at Lawless

What Is it About?


A pair of desperados meet to settle a score, with an unexpected outcome.


Newt and John have long been rivals and the two desperados meet in the town of Lawless for a shootout, so that one may prevail. The bullets they buy from a local shopkeeper are not what they seem, and the fight remains undecided. Their obvious displeasure ends bad for the shopkeeper, but good for the local undertaker.

Synopsis (Spoiler)

The film opens with Newt enjoying a cigar across the saloon where he parked his horse. A local saloon girl on the second floor balcony called Desiree whistles and offers her services for five dollars. Newt shrugs, then frowns when the whiney of a horse announces the arrival of his rival John. John halts at the local trading post to buy some bullets. John and Newt then agree that Desiree should do the count down, which she does, with a French accent. The shooting starts, but the bullets are duds. Upset, John and Newt confront the shopkeeper and beat him to death, as evidenced by the sound of blows and cries. All the while, Klaus, the German undertaker, and his apprentice look on from across the street. When John and Newt emerge from the store they part ways. John leaves lawless, while Newt summons the undertaker to take care of the shopkeeper. Newt is on his way to get to his horse, when he hears Desiree's whistling again. The price is down to three, and Newt agrees. Newt's horse shakes his head, snorts, and waits...


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