Playing Dead (2016)

Going up the stairs, Pinhead wonders where the Committee is.

What Is it About?


A man finds himself in a surreal situation: his funeral is attended by people that he thought were dead. In the end, it's just a nightmare.


Walter Pinhead is called to a meeting where he finds the participants (his Committee) lifeless, although they only play dead. Later, he meets his own real death in a scooter accident. The Committee attends his funeral and sings his praises, where they never would before. Fortunately, his girlfriend wakes him up; it was just a nightmare.

Synopsis (Spoiler)

Walter Pinhead is summoned to one of those dreaded Committee meetings. The meeting place is an old abandoned house. Finding no-one at first, Pinhead goes upstairs, where he discovers the lifeless bodies of the Committee members. Fearing that the police will suspect him because of "squabbles in the past", he rushes out and races off on his scooter to the bar where he has a date with his girlfriend, Amanda. Meanwhile, the Committee, who only played dead, has a good laugh at Pinhead's expense.

Pinhead arrives late at the bar, and Amanda is none too pleased. Pinhead explains that the Committee is dead. A delighted Amanda remarks that Pinhead will now have time "to think about us." A puzzled Pinhead responds non-committal. Upset, Amanda throws her drink into his face and storms off.

Later, Pinhead, now drunk, rides his scooter home, swerving from left to right on the road. An approaching SUV with the Committee is not able to avoid him. Pinhead doesn't survive the crash. At Pinhead's funeral, a mourning Committee sings his praises. Pinhead, as angel, watches them from above, in disbelief.

Back at the bar, Amanda returns from the restroom to find Pinhead fast asleep. She wakes him, and he tells her all that has happened. She ensures him that it was just a nightmare. It's late, and they should go home to get some sleep. They leave, very much in love.


This movie is an animated comic book that served as my entry for the Pinhead Comic Relief contest.


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