Radio Drama (2013)

Studio viewed from control room.

What Is it About?


A police inspector investigates the sudden death of a radio announcer.


A radio announcer suddenly collapses at the end of the show. Was his death natural or was it murder and, if so, who did it? The police inspector called to the scene will have to find out.

Synopsis (Spoiler)

The inspector and his sergeant listen to an evening radio show. In the radio studio, the announcer closes the show. As he switches of the studio, he gasps and collapses. The inspector is called to the scene and is able to deduce that one of the three man present did it. Death was through a poisened pin stuck to the switch, so who placed the pin? Not Johnny Raymond, the organ player, who is new and doesn't know one switch from the other. Not the studio director, who accidently pinched his finger at the pin. That leaves the third man present, the studio engineer.


The movie is based on based on a late 1940s episode of the Five Minute Mystery radio play series, called "Announcer's Delight". The movie follows the structure of the radio play, with the unknown voice talent providing the dialog. I have set the story in the approximate time period; one reason I have chosen for a black-and-white look. I have added a scene in the beginning, where the police inspector and his sergeant are listening to the very radio program, in order for them to be properly introduced into the story.

The project was animated using Reallusion iClone 5.4. Other tools used were RL 3DXchange, Sony Vegas 10, Sony Cinescore 1.0, and Audacity 2.0.2.


Additional Information