An overview of my main narrative animation films. Click a thumbnail to play the movie on YouTube. More information for some of the films is available by selecting the title from the Completed menu above.

The Third Wish - 2016

Walter Pinhead has found a magic lamp on the beach. He is upset after wasting two wishes and makes an unfortunate third wish that lands him inside the lamp and sets the genie free. The genie, by the name of Eugene, walks off, roaring with laughter. The next day, Pinhead is discovered by accident by his friend Xandra. This sets a series of events in motion that result in Pinhead regaining his freedom while returning Genie Eugene to his proper place inside the lamp. More at The Third Wish. Note: As this movie has been submitted for screening at festivals, the link to the YouTube version has been temporarily disabled.

Playing Dead - 2016

In this surreal story, Walter Pinhead finds the members of his Committee dead. However, the same Committee later attends his funeral, after Pinhead has died in a scooter accident. Fortunately, his girlfriend wakes him up; it was just a nightmare. More at Playing Dead.

The End? - 2015

On Halloween Eve, Pinhead is summoned to a meeting of The Committee. Dreading those already, he makes a shocking discovery on top of that. It looks like the end, but is it?

Khenton's Curse: The Way to Lheandor - 2015

In a cursed space colony, Kazhandrah receives a message from her great-grandfather, Lheandor Tamarindh. He is dying, and they "need to come together one last time to find and say the final word." This final word will undo the curse and restore the colony to its former positive state. The film shows the first part of the journey to reach Lheandor.

The Lost Client - 2014

Private Eye Walter Pinhead is faced with quite a challenge when his client Alura Simmons is kidnapped! Who is behind it and why? Join Pinhead and his resourceful hacker friend Franciska on their quest to solve this puzzle, and, eventually, free Alura. My entry for the 2014 Pinhead competition, Kidnapped. More at The Lost Client.

Shootout - 2013

Newt and John have long been rivals and the two desperados meet in the town of Lawless for a shootout, so that one may prevail. The bullets they buy from a local shopkeeper are not what they seem, and the fight remains undecided. Their obvious displeasure ends bad for the shopkeeper, but good for the local undertaker. More at Shootout.

Radio Drama - 2013

A radio announcer suddenly collapses at the end of the show. Was his death natural or was it murder and, if so, who did it? Find out in this animated short, based on a late 1940s episode of the Five Minute Mystery radio play series, called Announcer's Delight. More at Radio Drama.

Breezaway - 2013

An animated commercial for the imaginary product Breezaway, which does wonders after a night of serious drinking. This is just a fun clip that served as my entry for the 2013 Pinhead Ad Man competition. More at Breezaway.

Brain Trust - 2012

Walter Pinhead's Halloween takes a pleasant turn when he is asked out by the attractive new recruiter, Carlotta Panache. But what is she really up to? When Pinhead asks her to drive him back to the office later that evening to pick up his keys, he learns the gruesome truth. More at Brain Trust.

Pinhead's Dilemma - 2011

A time machine transports Walter Pinhead to a time before his birth in 1950s England. His life being miserable, he ponders whether it would be better not to be born at all. This was my entry for the 2011 Pinhead Lost in Time competition. It won an award for Best Story. More at Pinhead's Dilemma.

Eel and Sucker - 2011

One sunny day, Mr. Eel is invited by Mr. Sucker for a game of dice. The unfortunate Mr. Eel is the real sucker in this story, because he loses everything, even his teeth! A traditional West Coat Indian tale, narrated in the Wiyot language.

The Case of the Two Fiancées - 2010

Inspector Thorne and his Sergeant Muggin are called to untangle the murder case of the "handsome and arrogant Broadway star," Keith Cameron, who has not one, but two fiancées! The story started out as an NBC radio play from 1951, which provided the dialog for the film. Due to YouTube length restrictions this movie is in three parts.

Water Worlds - 1999/2008

To escape a flooded landscape, a young woman enters an underwater world. During her search for a way out, she encounters various surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant. Will the exit she finally finds bring her any closer to her destination? This is a wide-screen remake of one of my early computer animation experiments in 3D Studio Max.

Ancient Mystery - 1999/2008

This 3D animation shows a glimpse of a long-forgotten world. This is also a wide-screen remake of one of my early computer animation experiments in 3D Studio Max.